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University lecturer's artwork unveiled on British Airways aircraft to mark the London 2012 Games

3 April 2012

Kingston University lecturer Pascal Anson's artwork has been repainted on the first of nine A319 British Airways planes to mark the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Kingston University

His dove design won a contest run by the airline in July last year to help showcase British talent in the run up to the Games. 

One of Britain's best-known artists Tracey Emin (pictured left) picked Anson's (pictured right) design from hundreds of entries and it was seen for the first time on British Airway's 1420 Heathrow to Copenhagen flight on Tuesday.

The Brighton-based designer's artwork was inspired by the ancient Olympics, as the dove was used as a messenger to send Games reports to outlying villages. The bird also played a role in the opening and closing ceremonies of the last London Games in 1948.

"I wanted to do something that would make people stop and think differently about what they were looking at. I have often looked up at aircraft landing and wondered if it is a bird or a plane, and the idea developed from there," Anson said.

To paint just one of the designs on the A319 aircraft, which is 33.8m (111 feet) long and has a 34m wingspan, takes a 10-strong team working for around 950 man hours.

You can watch the unveiling of the new London 2012 inspired British Airways plane design here

By Stuart Appleby

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